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Ark in Alaska - serigraph
Title: Ark in Alaska - serigraph
Price: $1,700
Issue Year: 1984
Print #: 159
Description: Rare mint condition serigraph from 1984.  Only 200 in edition!
Atlin, B.C.
Title: Atlin, B.C.
Size: 13" X 8 3/4"
Price: $195
Issue Year: 1991
Print #: 287
Description: A classic Rie Munoz bucolic setting.
Baby Girls Legend
Title: Baby Girls Legend
Price: $1100 (cl for avail.)
Issue Year: 1988
Print #:
Baiting the Skates
Title: Baiting the Skates
Size: 10 X 6 1/2
Price: $125
Issue Year: 2004
Print #: TTE57
Description: Rie Munoz: "I sketched this fisherman baiting halibut skates in Tenakee one day.  I put my old dog "Buddy" in this painting even though he went to his reward many years ago." --RM   *S/M price for this print is $165.
Baranof Apartments
Title: Baranof Apartments
Size: 7 1/2 x 9 1/4"
Price: $95
Issue Year: 2001
Print #: TTE31
Description: Rie Munoz: "I thought I knew the old town of Sitka pretty well, when I discovered this small, old apartment building on a little-traveled sidestreet.  I debated sketching it when a small dog came up the sidewalk and two tenants, arms about each other, stepped outside.  I especially admired the man's cowboy boots and his sweeping sideburns."    *S/M price for this print is $125.
Bear in Town, Tenakee
Title: Bear in Town, Tenakee
Price: $1085 Ck. Avail.
Issue Year: 2006
Print #:
Bear Legend
Title: Bear Legend
Size: 12 7/16 x 10 1/8"
Price: $435
Issue Year: 1991
Print #: 286
Description: Rie Munoz: "Two women went up the mountain daily to pick berries.  One of the women always filled her basket and took the berries home to her family for dinner.  The other ate the berries as she went along and took none home.  The first woman warned her friend that if she continued to eat all the berries herself rather than share them with her family, she would one day change into a bear.  This image shows the very moment the prediction came true. "    Last Available!
Berry Pickers
(no pic.avail.)
Title: Berry Pickers (no pic.avail.)
Price: $730 ck. avail.
Issue Year: 1978
Print #:
Description: Extremely  Rare!!!    ....     Very colorful!
Berry Pickers
Title: Berry Pickers
Price: $675 FR'd
Issue Year: 1981
Print #: 128
Berry Pickers  Dream
Title: Berry Pickers Dream
Size: 9 x 7 1/8"
Price: $120
Issue Year: 1994
Print #: 335
Description: Rie Munoz: "Berry Picker's Dream is an anomaly.  I had no plan no plan for the painting other than to paint the berry picker.  Later I decided to add the dog and the goose.  I liked the finished result well enough to make it a gift to my granddaugher, Mercedes."